Connecting Your Account


Merchants can connect with Banyan through prebuilt connectors with financial transaction companies, such as Square and Clover. This process is entirely self-service, and should take roughly 15 minutes.

Getting Started

  1. Fill out this form to share your basic information such as name, email and address. It will automatically create a Banyan merchant account for you, and email you the credentials.

  2. Navigate to the merchant portal, and log in with your new credentials.The homepage should show a selection of different services that we support. Select the service you would like to integrate, and the page will redirect you to a login window for that account. Login to connect with Banyan.

  3. Depending on the service, you may be redirected to a list of locations under your account name. For each location you’d like to integrate, click it to go to the ‘connect’ page for Banyan.

  4. Next, a window will prompt you to Connect with Banyan. Hit ‘Connect’ then ‘Accept,’ and then you will be redirected to our website. Once there, wait for a success message. After that, you’re all set up.

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