Banyan Overview

The Banyan Services allow for merchants to provide receipt data related to a consumer's transaction, directly to the financial institution (banks, credit card companies, etc.) without the merchant having to enter into contracts directly with each financial entity for pre-approved use-cases of the data as outlined inthe Merchant Integration Agreement. Banyan—who directly contracts with the respective entities—acts as the middleware by receiving the receipt data from the merchant providing such data through its proprietary API or standard batch process to the financial institution. The financial institution can then execute the use-case such as issuing credit for card linked offers or even displaying the receipt in the banking app.

Data Privacy - Banyan operates a fully opt-in first party data consumer network. Merchants are not required to obtain consent from the end user as the Financial Institution is the entity with the consent responsibility. No data is shared without consumer opt-in and merchant opt-in.

Participating Entities

Participating Entities




Merchants can range from large size entities like the Walmart, to smaller entities. Merchants will be the entities that are responsible for sending data collected from a transaction to Banyan.

Merchants are primarily located in the U.S. at the moment, but may also have international operations

Financial Institutions

Banks, credit card companies, or other similar financial institutions that allow for electronic payment to Merchants for merchant products and/or services (can include service providers like Cardlytics).

Financial institution partners are currently both U.S. and global institutions.


An individual consumer of a participating Merchant that uses a payment mechanism of a participating financial institution.

Services should be able to accommodate both U.S. and International consumers.


Banyan enters into contracts with both Merchants and Financial Institutions and facilitates the sharing of respective Merchant information as well as runs analytics on de identified information obtained from merchant data

USA - Banyan and its data processing is currently performed in the United States only.


How to get an API Key

To get an API key, please contact us at [email protected], we will send you back your API Key. Once you have it, you'll have to include it in the header under the x-api-key key. Pass the API key as is.

Rate Limits

Our limits are 5000 requests per second. If you plan to send more please contact us at [email protected] for a limit increase.

Our IPs

Banyan uses fixed IP addresses when executing webhook events. This way if you require whitelisting IPs of incoming requests, these are ours:


Time: All datetime objects will be in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) to provide consistency across all time zones.

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